Wildfire Smokin'

Stars in the Sky   (lyrics) (listen)

Down to Earth   (lyrics) (listen)

Time Will Tell   (lyrics) (listen)

Don’t Look For Me   (lyrics) (listen)

Free   (lyrics) (listen)

What Have I Got Now   (lyrics) (listen)

Let It Happen   (lyrics) (listen)

Quicksand   (lyrics) (listen)


Randy Love – Guitar and vocals
Danny Jamison – Bass and lead vocals
Donny Martin - Drums

All songs copyright 1970, 2006 - Wildfire

Originally recorded in Austin, Texas, 1970
Recorded using Quilter Amps, built 1969-1970
Digitized by Chris Bell, Luminous Sound, Dallas, Texas, 2006
Digitally remastered by Ed Johnson, Plano, Texas, 2006
Produced by Barbara Light Lacy
P C Wildfire 1970, 2006
Digitally remastered from the original 1970 demo. No other recording or reproduction has been authorized by Wildfire.